Thrive Mayonnaise

by Francesca Hutchinson


  1. In a food processor add the vinegar and/or lemon juice with eggs, salt, mustard and sugar. Pulse several times until everything looks well blended.
  2. With the processor running add the oil in a THIN stream. It is important to add the oil very slowly so that it will properly emulsify and stay that way.
  3. If the mayonnaise becomes too thick it can be thinned out by adding small amounts of water, a little at a time. I have not had to do this as it's been perfect every time. Not bragging, it's just that simple.
  4. Since this mayonnaise does not contain any preservatives it will keep in the refrigerator for only about five days.
  5. I wondered if this mayonnaise would freeze as it's made with egg powder and not fresh eggs. NOPE! I tried.
  6. Sometimes I'll pulse in a few cloves of fresh garlic (I'm Italian - so I can't resist) and/or some other herbs. I have blended in tomato powder to use on chicken panini sandwiches.
  7. Feel free to be creative. I highly recommend everybody play with their food!


Total Time:
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
10 min
10 min
0 min
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